Manage the cost of insurance more efficiently.


The complexities and expenses of business insurance can be highly unpredictable and costly. Take control of your insurance program by evolving your approach risk management—invest in a cost-efficient captive with INGUARD.

Captives enable businesses, groups and associations to design or select an alternative risk transfer program that better manages the cost of insurance, and aligns with business and financial goals.

From feasibility analysis and captive formation, to implementation and ongoing captive management, INGUARD offers the holistic services and expertise needed to secure your captive now, and in the years to come.

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Our Captives Services

INGUARD insurance and risk management experts specialize in following captive structures:

Our Process

  • Conduct a feasibility analysis to assess lines of coverage, captive structure, domicile options, projected gains and losses, and financial, taxation and regulatory considerations.
  • Design and implement a captive that enhances your existing insurance program through tailored coverages and transfer of risk where possible, supports financial goals through improved cost control, and meets regulatory compliance. 
  • Manage the captive’s operational, functional and regulatory services, including management of claims, policies and premiums, coordination of necessary services providers, and maintenance of regulatory compliance.
  • Provide ongoing consultation to ensure your captive remains as efficient and effective as it was when first designed; minimizing risk, meeting regulatory compliance and reducing fixed costs as intended. 

To learn more about INGUARD’s captive assessment, design and management services, request a consultation with an INGUARD representative. 

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