Insurance Licenses

INGUARD provides premium quality and specialized insurance and risk management solutions to individuals, families and businesses. Our firm is fully unified and licensed to cover clients in all 50 U.S. states, servicing those both in the U.S. and abroad.

Our clients benefit from the collective expertise of licensed and trained team of professionals. We specialize in a wide variety of niche markets, including personal and commercial clients with unique or complex needs.

Make INGUARD your broker of record and depend on our firm for your complete insurance needs.

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Insurance Licensing Details

INGUARD, formerly Beachamp McSpadden | Morrison Galliher, has been in business for nearly a century and half. Our operations, advisors and account management teams are highly qualified through a wealth of experience, as well as various licenses and industry accreditations. 

INGUARD earns commissions from the sale of insurance products and by offering high-level risk management council. Commission rates are determined by rates in each market of the insurance industry.

Our firm may be required to enact separate charges based on varying state laws when clients need additional or complex services. These terms can be evaluated and affirmed with the help of your advisor or account manager.

Offering unique insurance coverage does not require compromising our ethical standards. We pride ourselves on our ability to serve our clients’ every need, while complying with all legal regulations. INGUARD is dedicated to conducting business in strict compliance with all insurance laws.

State Insurance Licenses: 


* DBA INGUARD Risk Management & Insurance Services in the State of California. 

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