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4 Hidden Business Insurance Costs You Should Know About

Posted by Larry McSpadden on Mar 21, 2017

When contemplating a possible major accident, lawsuit, fire or cyberattack, it’s easy for an executive or owner to comfort herself with the thought, “Well, we’ve got insurance, so if something happens we’re covered.” While it’s certainly preferable to have insurance in such an event, it’s important to understand that many costs accompanying major losses are not reimbursed by insurance.

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How to Prepare for Your Nonprofit Insurance Consultation

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on Mar 14, 2017

Nonprofits are a vital part of U.S. communities, providing a wide variety of critical services and support to those in need. As essential as nonprofits are to our society, so is the role of protecting these organizations from the risks and exposures inherent to their operations.

Your organization can’t live out its mission if a devastating event wipes out your operation, cutting into precious funding. With the help of an insurance provider, your nonprofit can receive the protection it needs to succeed.

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What You Need to Know About Policy Riders or Endorsements

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on Mar 07, 2017

Riders or endorsements are legally-binding attachments to insurance policies that remove, modify or extend insurance coverage elements. They may be attached to life, health, disability, homeowners and automobile insurance policies.

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