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6 Considerations for Employing Domestic Workers in High Net Worth Homes

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on Oct 26, 2015

Many Americans employ domestic workers. According to the latest Census data, there are more than 700,000 working in the U.S.

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Smart Homes, Smarter Insurance [Free Ebook]

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on Oct 12, 2015

Every day, homeowners face common exposures that pose a threat to their personal property and financial assets. From theft to excessive use of utilities and Internet security, potential risks can be endless and require the need for insurance coverage.

But thanks to the latest innovations in smart home technology, now you can keep tabs on your home, regardless of your location. With increased control and connectivity, homeowners can avoid unpredictable risks and losses, and enjoy the rewards of filing fewer insurance claims. 

Our ebook, Smart Homes, Smarter Insurance, will introduce to you to a variety of smart home technologies and features, and educate you on how you can increase security while decreasing liabilities. Below are a few key highlights from our downloadable resource.

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4 Questions to Ask Before Cosigning Private Student Loans

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on Oct 06, 2015

The amount of private student loan debt cosigned by parents is steadily on the rise. In fact, for the first three-quarters of the 2014-15 school year 94% of disbursed undergraduate private student loans were cosigned.

According to MeasureOne, a firm that tracks student loans, that number is at a record high—77% from the 2008-09 school year. If that number doesn’t shock you, it should—private student loans are risky commodities

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4 Ways to Reduce School Bus Accidents and Liabilities

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on Oct 01, 2015

More than half of America’s schoolchildren are transported by school busses each day, according to the American School Bus Council. In fact, “the school bus industry is the largest form of mass transit in the country.”

While school buses are a valuable service to American communities, offering safe and eco-friendly transportation for students, they are involved in hundreds of crashes each year

It’s the perfect time of year for educational institutions to ensure their school transportation services are fully covered to safeguard against financial liabilities and, most importantly, protect their young passengers.

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