Tailored risk management for individuals and families.

Wealth Management Services

INGUARD consultants develop tailored risk management programs for celebrities, as well as high net worth individuals and families, to protect and preserve wealth. We work with each client to uncover potentially hazardous exposures to loss that may have been overlooked, including:

  • Sponsorships and Endorsements: Lawsuits and claims often follow those with the deepest pockets and best-known names. A combination of insurance policies and active risk management can help mitigate liability and avoid costly claims.
  • Business Ventures and Entrepreneurship: Both wealth and celebrity open doors of opportunity. However, business ventures may bring their own share of risk. INGUARD offers insurance, liability protection and risk management consultation for business interests, personal foundations, charities and causes.
  • Board Membership and Advising: Many high net worth individuals use their means to support philanthropic efforts or advise on a board in an officer’s or director’s role. If your client participates in a board of directors for a public, private or nonprofit organization, high-limit directors and officers liability should be put into place to protect them.
  • Hobbies, Possessions and Experiences: INGUARD can help you insure niche interests or assets. We also offer insurance and risk management consultation for experiential liabilities, such as parties and travel with staff, friends or family.
  • Employees: A tailored approach that considers each client’s staff, including necessary insurance policies, new hire vetting and staff management.  

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Our Approach

INGUARD consultants work with you and your client to develop an appropriate, responsible risk management strategy. Our holistic approach includes a comprehensive audit of all assets, liabilities and exposures.

This is followed by the development of a long-term strategy that addresses and actively manages client risk. Exposures are reassessed as needed, taking into consideration the nature of each risk, tolerance for risk, capacity for loss and potential severity of loss.

We provide guidance and consultation on potential vulnerabilities, legal and regulatory requirements, and risk management best practices.

Your client’s future should not be left up to chance. Contact INGUARD to schedule an initial consultation. 

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