risk management expertise in complex and high-risk industries.

Commercial Risk Management

Let our expertise protect and grow your company’s wealth.

INGUARD specializes in premium risk management consulting services for businesses of all sizes, across a variety of complex and high-risk industries. Our team of experts will assess your company’s unique needs, and select a risk management strategy that translates into fewer losses, continual growth of assets and optimal security.

Based on your needs, and our expertise in the industry, we develop a tailored risk management plan to reduce the probability of costly misfortunes.

Risks to an organization can be broadly categorized as follows:

  • Hazard: Losses arising out of accidents.
  • Business: Factors such as economic recession and complications with equipment.
  • Financial: Glitches within company balance sheets and operating statement variables.
  • Credit: Cash flow uncertainties and other factors affecting ability to borrow. 
  • Reputational: Losses arising out of crises.

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Our Services 

As an INGUARD client, you receive one-on-one consultation to identify your company’s risk of financial loss. Through our holistic assessment process, we uncover unforeseen liability exposures, evaluate the probability of disaster and advise you on how best to avoid costly circumstances.  

Our Risk Assessment Process

  1. Identify and analyze your business’ potential risks by location, context of circumstance and historical data.
  2. Evaluate potential response solutions specific to your identified risks.
  3. Implement selected response solutions and offset liability where possible.
  4. Maintain frequent risk detection and management of response solutions, incorporating necessary adjustments as new circumstances arise.

Through our detailed risk assessment process, we construct risk management solutions that address and alleviate your risk exposures—not based on a generic model. As a leader in customized consultation services for high-risk clientele, we ensure that you are fully protected now, and throughout your company’s development. 

Your needs are our priority. 

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