Entrepreneurs EDG Program 

INGUARD believes strongly in supporting and enabling the success of local businesses, as well as the next generation of professionals and business owners.

To stand behind this mission, we have joined forces with Manchester University (MU) and the Economic Development Group (EDG) of Wabash County to launch an entrepreneurial program, Entrepreneurs EDG. Together, we will connect talented, passionate university students with local entrepreneurs and startups, and foster collaboration that drives success.

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Located within the INGUARD headquarters, Entrepreneurs EDG will be a cornerstone of our operation and efforts to give back to the region and foster economic growth. Through the program, we will help future business leaders excel with the information and opportunities necessary to expand, start, or relocate businesses to Wabash County.

About Entrepreneurs EDG

Entrepreneurs EDG is an entrepreneurial program designed to provide students with a platform for applying academic work to real-world business scenarios and solving for challenges that limit a business’ growth potential. In turn, it will provide local entrepreneurs with support needed to develop, launch and grow a sustainable business model.

Based an the initial framework of Manchester University’s Entrepreneurial Studies program, the Entrepreneurs EDG will infuse academic structure with best practices and guidance from EDG of Wabash County, which serves as a vital resource to regional businesses.

In addition, INGUARD’s team of dedicated employees, including our CEO Parker Beauchamp, will provide students with first-hand exposure to a professional work environment, as well as insights into business practices and lessons learned In the field.

This program will give students an exciting opportunity to nurture existing skill sets, as well as discover newfound talents that can be utilized to reach their professional goals.

A Collaborative Workspace

To help students nurture and expand their creativity and knowledge, INGUARD will enhance its current headquarters with a space designed specifically for Entrepreneurs EDG. Build out of the new workspace is scheduled for Spring 2016.

Occupying a floor of the INGUARD headquarters, the workspace will provide students with state of the art equipment and resources, enabling them to hold business meetings with their team and participating businesses. This will offer them a professional work setting and unique learning environment that cannot be experienced in a classroom.

Interested in learning more about our entrepreneurial program? Contact INGUARD today.