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Client FAQs

INGUARD provides personalized financial and insurance consulting services to illuminate areas of risk. We select the right products and strategy to help you achieve your goals.

Below are frequently asked questions that may help you better navigate our site and recent company updates. Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions. 

Thank you!

Why did Beauchamp McSpadden | Morrison Galliher rebrand to INGUARD?

  • After evaluating our company brand and name, mispronunciation issues and limitations this presented outside of our immediate area, we wanted to simplify and unify our identity to better communicate with our clients. 
  • The new name will help us align brand and vision moving forward. We are actively striving to be more innovative and accessible to our clients, locally and abroad.

Why the name INGUARD?

  • "INGUARD" combines the idea of “insurance” with security, or “guard,” signifying the blend of insurance expertise and risk management consultation that our firm provides. 

Will INGUARD products and services differ from Beauchamp McSpadden | Morrison Galliher?

  • No. INGUARD will continue to offer the insurance products, policies and services our clients have come to expect from Beauchamp McSpadden | Morrison Galliher, but with new access to technology, partnerships and services to help you to achieve security, financial stability and peace of mind.  
  • We will, however, be expanding our offering to provide more niche insurance solutions and personalized risk management consultation services. If you are interested, we can set up an initial consultation to discuss your needs in more detail.
  • Our new website,, will also house more insurance information, resources, advice and tools to help you make the right decisions for your insurance needs.

Will there be changes to my insurance policies and risk management portfolio?

  • No. All existing Beauchamp McSpadden | Morrison Galliher client accounts and insurance policies will remain the same.

Will my account manager remain the same, or will I be assigned a new point of contact?

  • Your account manager will not change. Please feel free to reach out to them directly, or submit an inquiry through our website, and your account manager will contact you shortly.

What will happen to my personal information?

  • All client account and personal information is safe and secure. Nothing will change in terms of handling all sensitive client information discreetly and professionally.  

Why do I have to resubmit my contact information online?

  • We are moving to an entirely digital database of client records, marketing communications and information delivery. In order to ensure we are within CAN-SPAM regulation standards, we ask all clients to opt-in for pertinent INGUARD communications. Your information will not be shared with a third party.
  • Visit to update your basic contact information. Note: We are not gathering sensitive information or receiving updates to existing policies through this form. 

Why a new website? 

  • In today’s world, insurance information is at a consumer’s fingertips, and policy quotes are a click away. The world is changing, and insurance needs to change with it. That’s why we are taking a proactive approach to evolve with our clients’ needs and expectations.

What differentiates INGUARD from other insurance firms?

  • Our goal is to redefine what an insurance partner is, and shed light on the solutions available to individuals and businesses. We focus on the needs of the client through optimal products and partnerships, and bring them the best possible insurance or risk management plan for their situation.
  • Anyone can find a cheap, online quote for “run of the mill” insurance.
  • With INGUARD, clients pay for trusted expertise and a deep understanding of your needs, and that is something a search engine cannot give you.
  • Our team is here to help you identify your exposures, construct a program that best fits your needs, and help you to achieve level of security and financial stability you’re looking for.

Will the company headquarters change or remain the same?

  • The Wabash headquarters will remain the same; however, all other office mail and calls will be directed through that central location.  

Was Beauchamp McSpadden acquired by an outside company? Why the sudden change in name?

  • No, this was a proactive decision made by the new CEO of Beauchamp McSpadden, Parker Beauchamp, to move the agency forward. We believe this change is necessary to align our brand with the future of the company and to provide the best products and services to our clients.  
  • We want you to feel confident that your insurance partner can tackle the challenges of the 21st century. We look forward to taking this journey together!