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Insurance and risk management can be difficult topics to navigate. From selecting the right products and services, to understanding basic definitions and complex legislative changes, customers can get lost in the mix of dry definitions and lofty industry lingo. 

At INGUARD, we’re dedicated to education. Why? Because we want our clients to understand the options presented to them, what they purchase and their level of assumed risk. 

Insurance Basics

Educate yourself on basic insurance and risk management definitions. With a baseline understanding, you can better navigate your policy, and collaborate with your account manager on a solution that meets your needs.

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Resource Library

Explore our collection of content resources. From industry articles and updates, to archived presentations and ebooks, this hub provides you with the tools and information needed to better understand and navigate the insurance and risk management industry.

Resource Library  


While explanations of products and policies are helpful, the INGUARD blog offers context and additional insight to how insurance works.

Posts will discuss how insurance and risk management relate to real industries and life circumstances, as well as industry trends, updates and pertinent firm news.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about insurance or risk management? Chances are, someone else has posed the same question. Click here to explore a running list of our clients’ frequently asked questions, and our consultants’ answers. 

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