Effective and timely claims management.

Claims Management

Reduce time, labor and losses incurred during the claims process with the help of INGUARD’s claims management services. We are committed to helping you find a swift and positive resolution to the claims process. Our third-party claims analysts help investigate and settle issues with a carrier adjuster, putting an end to lengthy and burdensome claims disputes. 

We also offer complete claims management services for self-insured companies and groups, deductive insurance programs and captive groups. We manage personal, as well as property and casualty, claims from initial event through resolution, centralizing communication and expediting the process along the way.

Claims management can be a drain on your internal resources. Whether you are looking to supplement your in-house claims capabilities or enlist a comprehensive claims management solution, INGUARD is here to help.

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Our Claims Management Services  

Our goal is to remove the burden of claims management while containing costs and reducing claims exposure. 

INGUARD can help you:

  • Achieve better outcomes in the event of a claim.
  • Centralize communications between adjusters, investigators, appraisers and attorneys.
  • Control litigation costs and manage litigation.
  • Develop a cost containment program.
  • Investigate and settle issues or disputes with a carrier adjuster.
  • Manage claims negotiations and centralize communications.
  • Provide comprehensive case management.
  • Pursue subrogation.
  • Resolve claims in a timely manner.

To learn more about INGUARD’s claims management services, set up a consultation with an INGUARD representative. 

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