Single-Parent Captive

A single-parent captive is the most straightforward among the variety of captives available to businesses.

Single-parent, or pure, captives are owned and controlled by one organization and formed as a subsidiary of that organization. These captives are developed to insure the organization and any other subsidiaries within it, and may also insure risks of controlled third parties.

Single-parent captives can:

  • Help your organization stabilize pricing with a more consistent year-over-year premium cost.
  • Reduce insurance costs based on your organization’s history.
  • Save portions of your business’ operating funds over time to pay for unexpected losses.

These captives are attractive to businesses for their flexibility. As the primary owner, each organization or business is in full control of all operational aspects, such as lines of coverage, limits and service providers and captive domicile location.

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Our Process

INGUARD helps businesses uncover alternative insurance and risk management opportunities available through captives. Find out how your business could take independent control over its insurance through a single-parent (pure) captive. 

At INGUARD, each client receives expert advice and services through in-depth, personal consultations. As our client, we will help you explore options and design a program that best aligns with your business and financial goals.

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