Rent-a-Captive & Segregated Cell Captives

Did you know that some insurance companies rent their capital and services to businesses that want the benefits of a captive, but not the responsibility of investment and ownership of their own insurance company?

Rent-a-captive, or segregated cell, entities enable businesses to legally segregate assets and liabilities within a separate cell, allowing multiple cells to be created within the same captive insurance plan.

Rent-a-captive insurance offers:

  • Lower operating costs than those associated with forming a new captive.
  • Ease of captive setup and, if desired, removal from captive program.
  • Simplicity, as the same disclosure requirements don’t apply to users of rent-a-captives. 

Has your company considered captive insurance as an alternative insurance and risk management strategy? If you’ve been dissuaded by the burden of establishing your own insurance entity, a rent-a-captive may be an ideal solution for your business. 

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Our Process

INGUARD’s team of insurance and risk management experts can help your business enjoy the benefits of captive insurance without establishing its own insurance entity.

We provide expert advice and services through in-depth, personal consultations. Our goal is to help you invest in a solution that meets your business’ needs and financial goals.

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