Group and Association Captives

A group captive is owned and managed by multiple non-related organizations, formed as an autonomous entity, and insures the risks of its owners. Though the parent companies are different, they share the need to provide better coverage for a unified set of liabilities, such as workers compensation and automobile liability.

An association captive, which is similar to a group captive, is owned or sponsored by an association that has a common interest or theme.

Group and association captives can:

  • Meet the specific needs of mid-market employers with programs that have historically succeeded in soft markets and excelled in hard markets.
  • Improve insurance coverage, marketability and cost control.
  • Provide increased control over insurance costs.

Becoming an owner-member of a captive can provide your mid-sized company or organization with individualized advantages you may have never believed possible. Mid-market organizations should evaluate the question: Is group captive insurance right for my business?

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Our Process

INGUARD’s team of insurance and risk management experts specializes in the setup and management of insurance captives. We conduct in-depth, personal consultations to determine if an alternative approach to insurance and risk management is the right solution for your business.

As our client, we will help you assess different types of captives, and develop a strategy that focuses on your needs and business goals.

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