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Workers’ Compensation

For most business owners, workers' compensation insurance is frustrating. You are required by law to carry it, but the rules differ by state, business size and industry.

Let INGUARD help—We can guide you through your workers’ compensation options.

Whether you are a small business owner trying to navigate state legislation, or a large enterprise with complex staff, payroll and work comp needs, INGUARD can help you identify a coverage approach that uniquely fits your business. 

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Our Services

INGUARD offers the following workers’ compensation coverage options: 

  • First Dollar Coverage: Many small- and medium-sized firms find this traditional approach ideal—the insurance takes care of any company obligations under state law for an injured employee “from the ground up,” with no deductible or uncertainty.
  • Small and Large Deductible Plans: A variety of deductible plans are available that lower your up-front premium in return for your paying for part of each claim.
  • Employer's Liability: While workers’ compensation is intended to be the “sole remedy” available at law to an injured employee, creative attorneys have found ways around this intent, and have successfully sued employers for injuries. This section of a workers’ compensation policy takes care of such lawsuits for your business.
  • Stop-Gap Liability: There are a few states that run their own exclusive workers’ compensation plans; policies there may not provide employers liability coverage. “Stop-gap” coverage may be endorsed to either a general liability policy or another state’s workers compensation policy to fill in this gap in protection.
  • Qualified Self-insurance Plans: Larger organizations and enterprises may elect to self-insure against workers’ compensation claims. Usually these companies obtain claims handling services from a third-party administrator and also purchase excess workers’ compensation coverage to protect them from the financial impact of one or more catastrophic claims.

With so many other business details to focus on, why should workers’ compensation be added to your list? Let INGUARD consultants guide you through the process. We help you identify the coverage your business needs and point out areas of risk, so you can better prevent workplace accident and save money over time.

Do not leave the fate of your business and your employees to chance—place your trust in INGUARD today.

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