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Commercial Automobile Insurance

Commercial auto insurance is essential to mobile operations. From company-owned cars to commercial fleets, your business needs to carry sufficient auto insurance coverage. This coverage enables you to take your products and services where they need to go, knowing that you are backed by comprehensive protection.

Focus on the logistics of your business, and let INGUARD concentrate on the insurance. Our team of industry experts helps identify your company’s specific risks and exposures to ensure that you are fully covered in the event of a costly or devastating mishap. 

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Our Services

INGUARD offers consultation and insurance programs for businesses in the following areas: 

  • Fleet Liability: If your company owns a collection of corporate vehicles, this coverage protects your fleet in the event of a liability incident, accident or theft.
  • Lease Gap Coverage: If your company leases a vehicle, this coverage prevents your company from paying out-of-pocket expenses if the vehicle’s actual cash value is less than the amount you owe at the time of an accident or theft.
  • Physical Damage: Repairs to a vehicle can add up quickly. This coverage pays to repair or replace your vehicle due to damages caused by a collision or other unavoidable accident.
  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage: When an accident is caused by a driver that either does not carry insurance or has insufficient coverage, this coverage steps in to cover the cost of damages endured by the driver and/or the vehicle. 
  • Employer's Non-ownership Liability: If your employee gets into an accident while driving a vehicle not owned by the company, this insurance covers your company’s vicarious liability for the operation of that vehicle, should it cause an accident.
  • Hired Car Coverages: If your company hires or rents a vehicle for business purposes, this insurance covers the cost of any potential damage caused by the vehicle. This insurance can also be set up to cover physical damage to the vehicle.
  • Garagekeepers Legal Liability: If you are a garage owner, or operate a service business, this insurance covers the cost of any damages to a customer’s vehicle while in your company’s custody.

Protecting your business is our business. 

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