Errors and Omissions for Property Appraisers

As a property appraiser, you understand the quality and value of commercial and residential property. But do you take the same detail-oriented approach to the assessment of your own insurance and risk management strategy? 

Protect your livelihood with a program designed for professionals in your field and the unique risks and liabilities you face as an appraiser.

INGUARD’s team of highly trained specialists works diligently with you to reduce professional liability exposures of working in the real estate industry. We will identify crucial, potentially damaging exposures, such as:

  • On site building, property or equipment damage;
  • Consent to settle for claims;
  • Errors and omissions (E&O) for professional mistakes or negligence;
  • General liability;
  • Loss of earnings or income;
  • Residential and commercial premises liability; and
  • Waiver of exclusions and conditions.

We know how to protect you from harmful liabilities. Create a personalized insurance and risk management program with INGUARD.

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Our Services

INGUARD offers one-on-one consultation and insurance solutions for property appraisers, including:

  • Appraiser Trainees
  • Certified Residential Real Property Appraisers
  • Certified General Real Property Appraisers
  • Licensed Real Property Appraisers

INGUARD advisors have in-depth knowledge and experience insuring those in the real estate industry. We provide clients with access to premium products and solutions designed specifically to protect you from costly liabilities and ensure your financial well being.

When selecting an insurance program, select a partner that lives up to the exceptional standards you deserve. Contact INGUARD today.

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