Extracting protection for those in the mining, oil and gas industry.

Mining, Quarrying, Oil and Gas Extraction

Mineral extraction and beneficiation operations present some of the most complex insurance and risk management needs. Whether your business operates in a quarry, mine or mill, we understand the unique set of exposures faced by those in your industry, and have expertise to devise comprehensive insurance programs to meet and exceed your needs.

When it comes to specialized insurance and risk management for mining operations, you need an experienced team to effectively: 

  • Calculate contractual liabilities;
  • Prevent work-related injuries;
  • Protect your multimillion-dollar machinery; and
  • Provide coverage for your fleet.

At INGUARD, we believe insurance and risk management solutions should be more than a standardized package. Through our hands-on approach, we work with you to identify your particular areas of risk, including:

  • Assessing the safety of equipment and mining site;
  • Detecting potential injury exposures; and
  • Planning for unforeseen disasters. 

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Our Services

INGUARD offers consultation and insurance solutions for businesses in the following areas:

  • Coal Mining
  • Metal Mining
  • Mining and Quarrying of Nonmetallic Minerals
  • Oil and Gas Extraction

Mining is a dangerous, yet necessary and lucrative industry. While insurance safeguards your operation's financial stability, our goal is to proactively reduce costly and unfortunate occurrences through the appropriate risk management strategy.

Our Process  

INGUARD’s insurance and risk management specialists understand the complexities of your mining business, and are committed to offering you superior consultation and insurance solutions.

Our firm has access to premium products and solutions needed to insure your business and wealth. Through our partnerships with the industry’s leading insurers, we offer our clients unparalleled expertise and the highest quality of insurance and risk management services.

Protection you need; consultation you can trust. Contact one of our consultants today.

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