Protect your information business with custom insurance solutions.


Information is power, and businesses that run on it need the power to protect their physical infrastructure, staff and finances.

Whether you are a newspaper publisher, software publisher, wireless carrier or other information industry business, INGUARD offers comprehensive insurance and risk management designed to protect your organization from risks like:

  • Damage to telecommunications infrastructure;
  • Data technology corruption or cyber attacks;
  • Physical damage to business-critical assets;
  • Theft and burglary; and
  • Work-related injuries.
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Our Services

INGUARD offers consultation and insurance solutions for the following information businesses: 

  • Publishers
  • Software Publishers
  • Motion Picture / Video Production and Distribution
  • Music Publishers
  • Radio Stations
  • Telecommunications Carriers

INGUARD’s partnerships with the industry’s leading insurers enables us to access specialized information industry insurance solutions. Find out more today. 

Our Process 

At INGUARD, we learn your business inside and out so we can work with your team to develop a custom insurance or risk management solution that meets the specific needs of the information industry.

Those specific needs include understanding the unique exposures you face and helping you hand-select the right mix of insurance for your business. With INGUARD’s superior insurance and risk management solutions, companies in the information industry can protect their business, customers, employees and wealth—with confidence.

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