Insurance for administrative, waste and remediation businesses.

Administrative Support, Waste Management and Remediation Services

Businesses of all sizes (and even some households) rely on your professional services to maintain the day-to-day operations and cleanliness of their facilities. Whatever specialized service you provide—janitorial, administrative, security, travel, landscaping, and other cleaning or administrative services—you face certain risks unlike other businesses.

At INGUARD, we understand exposures that can impact your operation, and have the expertise needed to handle even the most complex operations. We offer comprehensive insurance and risk management plans specifically designed to protect your business from costly occurrences, such as:

  • Accidental injury or harm to a customer or patron;
  • Equipment malfunctions and breakdowns;
  • Automotive accidents;
  • Physical damage to your place of business;
  • Lost or damaged property;
  • Reputational damage and public relations costs following a disastrous situation; and
  • Work-related injuries. 

When it comes to insurance, hold your partner and policies to the same standard as the services you provide—nothing short of exceptional.

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INGUARD offers consultation and insurance solutions for the following businesses:

  • Office Administrative and Facilities Support Services
  • Employment Placement Agencies
  • Professional Employer Organizations    
  • Document Preparation Services
  • Telephone Answering Services
  • Telemarketing Bureaus and Other Contact Centers     
  • Collection and Repossession Agencies 
  • Credit Bureaus
  • Court Reporting and Stenotype Services
  • Travel Agencies
  • Tour Operators
  • Convention and Visitors Bureaus
  • Investigation Services       
  • Security Guards and Patrol Services        
  • Security Systems Services and Locksmiths
  • Exterminating and Pest Control Services
  • Janitorial Services  
  • Landscaping Services
  • Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services          
  • Packaging and Labeling Services
  • Convention and Trade Show Organizers
  • Solid Waste and Hazardous Waste Collection, Treatment and Disposal   
  • Remediation Services        

We understand the unique exposures faced by those in your industry, and are committed to offering you superior insurance and risk management solutions.

Our Process

INGUARD’s holistic approach to insurance and risk management ensures that specific challenges can be mitigated through customized protection. Our partnership with the industry’s leading insurers enables us to deliver the highest quality of consultation on the market.

Let us work with you to tailor an insurance package that will avoid setbacks caused by insufficient coverage. Contact one of our consultants today.

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