Winners of the INGUARD Insurtech Fellowship

The INGUARD Insurtech Fellowship

The INGUARD Insurtech Fellowship is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for an entrepreneur or disruptor from anywhere in the world to change insurance forever.

The INGUARD Insurtech Fellowship provides one lucky individual with unprecedented access to resources, connections, and capital opportunities to massively accelerate their insurtech venture.

Sponsored by Westfield Insurance and hosted at INGUARD headquarters, INGUARD Insurtech Fellows are immersed in the insurance business for eight amazing weeks. 

On this page, you can see which innovative companies have won this incredible opportunity to change the insurance industry.

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2017 Insurtech Fellowship Winners

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KASKO is a UK-based insurance-as-a-service startup that enables world-beating insurance products with their agile, API-accessible insurance product platform. The company helps insurers design, distribute and run digital insurance products in any distribution channel.

In 2017, KASKO launched more than 20 products for 14 insurance partners in four countries across various business lines, with an average time to market of 2-3 weeks and an average cost of $36,000 per product.


WeatherCheck is a Louisville, KY-based weather analytics startup. The company leverages a proprietary algorithm to predict severe weather, notifying property managers and owners about bad weather before it hits so they can mitigate damage.