Employee Well-being

It is only when a company supports the personal and professional well-being of its employees that those employees can be passionate about their work. By helping our employees achieve financial independence and reach their educational goals, INGUARD is ‘all-in’ when it comes to ensuring the happiness of those who engage with and delight our clients daily.

With the help of our hard-working team that is united by our common goals, we are able to make the world a better place, one step at a time. Some of the ways that we accomplish this are through the following programs:


INGUARD reimburses 100% of tuition to employees who wish to further their knowledge and expertise in areas related to their position. In addition, employees receive specialized training throughout the year at conferences and other related educational events to develop as professionals and stewards of INGUARD.

Health and Wellness

INGUARD offers an employee wellness program that includes individual coaching from nutritionists, dietitians, trainers, and other health professionals to support their emotional and physical well-being. We provide our employees with exceptional benefits and related perks, including gym memberships and discounts on fitness devices, training gear, athletic apparel, and vitamins to encourage our employees to lead happy and healthy lives.

We also enable healthy lifestyles at the office. INGUARD is a tobacco-free campus, and we offer a kitchen stocked with healthy nutritious foods and beverages. All workstations throughout the office are designed to function equally well while standing or sitting to promote and encourage movement throughout the day.

Financial Independence

We support our team members’ personal and professional goals by enabling financial stability. We reward top-performing professionals for accomplishing established criteria and continuing to provide world-class service to our clients. In addition to a base salary, performance-based compensation is awarded quarterly to motivate and to provide our employees with more than competitive compensation overall throughout the region.

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