INGUARD is passionate about our commitment to community investment and social entrepreneurship; we are continuously seeking ways to help support educational causes within our region and throughout the U.S. We support all individuals, from small children to our very own employees, as they work towards achieving their educational endeavors.

Thanks to a vast network of like-minded partners, INGUARD has kick-started world-class programs that are designed for success and longevity. Some of these programs include:

Entrepreneurs EDG

In 2015, INGUARD established a new partnership with Manchester University and the Economic Development Group of Wabash County to establish a new entrepreneurial program, Entrepreneurs EDG.

Entrepreneurs EDG connects local students and business owners to foster collaboration that drives economic growth and success throughout the region and beyond; it is an entrepreneurial program designed to provide students with a platform for applying their academic work to real-world business scenarios and solving the challenges that limit a business’ growth potential. In turn, it will provide local entrepreneurs with the support needed to develop, launch, and grow a sustainable business model.

Through the program, we will help future business leaders excel with the information and opportunities necessary to expand, start, or relocate businesses to the state of Indiana.

In the summer of 2016, INGUARD developed a customized workspace to host the program. Occupying one floor of the INGUARD headquarters, this workspace provides students and entrepreneurs with the state-of-the-art equipment and resources they need to thrive.

Learn more about Entrepreneurs EDG and the partners who made it possible.

MUSE School

Our commitment to community and education transcends state lines: INGUARD supports the California MUSE School’s innovative educational practices and programs. As part of our efforts to help the MUSE School achieve its mission of providing students with unique, hands-on learning experiences, INGUARD donates time and valuable resources to many of its initiatives, including the Seed-to-Table program.

The Seed-to-Table program “is a hands-on way for students learn about the connection between their everyday food choices, their health, and the health of our environment.” As such, this program bridges our commitments to the environment and education, as well as to the communities beyond our home base in Wabash County.

Promise Indiana

INGUARD provided financial support to kick-start the local initiative Promise Indiana. This initiative is led by the Wabash County YMCA and works to support local youth with their college and career identity development.

While the main focus of this program is to improve the affordability and accessibility of post-secondary education for all children, their overall goals are broader in scope: “The Promise will realize success when all youth in Indiana have savings and champions from the community in their lives who support their dreams for the future.” The program continues to grow, and INGUARD is thrilled by the value Promise Indiana contributes through the motivation and support that they provide to the youngest members of our region.

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