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INGUARD Company Ethos

Our ethos encompasses everything we passionately value and is what defines us as an organization. The primary value that guides our company’s ethos is that the needs of the community come first; it is our understanding that the community includes not only our clients, but also our employees, society as a whole, and the natural environment.

Since 1870, our organization has invested heavily in the citizens and causes that enhance the community in and beyond our region, and we are committed to finding innovative ways to help better the community through social entrepreneurship.

We hold fast to these five aspects of our company’s ethos:

  • Environmentalism: As a core aspect of our ethos, INGUARD strives to practice conscious environmentalism on a daily basis and to limit the carbon footprint we leave behind.
  • Education: We are continuously seeking ways to help support educational causes within our region and the U.S; as a result, we support all individuals, from small children to our very own employees, as they work towards achieving their educational endeavors.
  • Employee Well-being: It is only when a company supports the personal and professional well-being of its employees that those employees can be passionate about their work. By helping our employees achieve financial independence and reach their educational goals, INGUARD is ‘all-in’ when it comes to ensuring the happiness of those who engage with and delight our clients daily.
  • Equality: At INGUARD, we acknowledge the inherent worth of all people. We do not discriminate in either our employment or business decisions, and seek out ways to make our company a more proactive force for equality every day.
  • Ethics: Because INGUARD believes that community comes first, we conduct business in a way that is guided by principles. Our commitment to our values is evident in our emphasis on fairness and equality in our dealings with both clients and employees.

Our enthusiastic and hardworking team invests a tremendous amount of time and energy to help us carry out the INGUARD company ethos in order to enhance the quality of life of others.

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