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How to Kick Employee Theft to the Curb: Insurance Needs & Security Best Practices

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on Jan 17, 2017

Roughly $50 billion was stolen from U.S. businesses in 2015, and 75% of employees have stolen at least once from their employers, according to Statistic Brain Research Institute.

That’s a lot of lost resources and untrustworthy workers! But, what if we told you there was a way to avoid becoming one (or both) of these statistics?

Your business works hard to ensure it delivers the highest quality of services and products to customers. This can be difficult though, if you suffer from setbacks due to product or profit shrinkage. Loss due to employee theft can cause you to not have enough resources or funds necessary to keep your business operations running smoothly. But, by taking proper cautionary steps, you can kick employee theft to the curb before it even becomes an issue.

To avoid employee theft and loss to your business, it’s essential to have the proper security precautions and insurance coverages in place.

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NFL Concussion Lawsuit Shows Room for Improvement in Protecting Athletes

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on Aug 03, 2016

Football is one of America’s favorite pastimes, with record numbers of viewers each season watching the infamous Super Bowl game, making it one of the most highly anticipated and popular broadcasts of the year. Because of the love and fandom for football, the aggressive nature of the sport can be overlooked at times. But one of the most common injuries—concussions—continues to impact players long after their career is over, particularly in cases of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

With the number of concussions among players rising nearly 32% in the 2015/2016 NFL season, the league is currently conducting a review of its current concussion protocol. The review comes during a time in which many are watching the league with a close eye, as recent developments in the NFL’s concussion lawsuit and settlement have shown the need for improvements—particularly in the areas of equipment and training practices.

Beyond better training methods and safer playing on the field, there’s an additional layer of protection for players not as frequently discussed—insurance.

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What Property Managers Need to Know About Insurance

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on May 25, 2016

Real estate professionals have plenty to be bullish about in 2016. On the residential side, median home values rose 4.8% from March 2015, according to Zillow.

“A number of factors are driving this growth,” says Zillow. “And many are positive, including strengthening household formation, continued growth in jobs and wages, and general confidence and optimism in the overall value of homeownership, especially among younger generations.”

The commercial side isn’t bad either. CBRE, a major real estate services firm, predicts “moderate economic growth and low interest rates,” as well as a rise in rents across office, industrial and retail properties.

Property managers fulfill a critical role in this ecosystem, keeping investment properties running smoothly, whether those properties are ones they own or ones they manage on behalf of another entity.

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The Cost of Glory: The Risks Athletes Need to Know

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on Apr 29, 2016

Note: A version of this post originally appeared on The Huffington Post. It was also updated on April 29, 2016 to include information regarding the 2016 NFL draft.

Student athletes spend years perfecting their skills on and off the field with hopes that they will be offered the dream of a lifetime: A scholarship to play college football. In other words, it’s the golden ticket they need to take their sports career to the next level, and potentially hit it big — by making “it” (and millions of dollars) playing in the NFL.

However, the haze of fame and popularity that surrounds most A-list players often overshadows an important reality: They must surround themselves with a team of trusted advisors

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BYOD in the Workplace: Benefits, Risks and Insurance Implications

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on Apr 20, 2016

The global market for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is expected to reach $181.39 billion by 2017. BYOD policies can be a great way to increase worker satisfaction and convenience, and 74% of organizations are either utilizing this trend or plan to in the future.

As BYOD continues to expand, employers must ensure they are properly protecting themselves and their employees against associated risks. This includes having the right insurance coverage.

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