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Smart Homes, Smarter Insurance [Free Ebook]

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on Oct 12, 2015

INGUARD_Smart-Home-Tech-Insurance-Ebook-Cover-486002-editedEvery day, homeowners face common exposures that pose a threat to their personal property and financial assets. From theft to excessive use of utilities and Internet security, potential risks can be endless and require the need for insurance coverage.

But thanks to the latest innovations in smart home technology, now you can keep tabs on your home, regardless of your location. With increased control and connectivity, homeowners can avoid unpredictable risks and losses, and enjoy the rewards of filing fewer insurance claims. 

Our ebook, Smart Homes, Smarter Insurance, will introduce to you to a variety of smart home technologies and features, and educate you on how you can increase security while decreasing liabilities. Below are a few key highlights from our downloadable resource.

External Security for Internal Protection

According to a crime report conducted by the FBI, a burglary occurs every 14.6 seconds, resulting in an estimated $4.6 billion in property losses each year.  Break-ins can results in immense loss—in terms of both financial and personal security.  

But, with the proper implementation and connectivity of external security equipment, you can decrease the probability of a robbery from ever occurring. Securing the exterior of your home with a reliable security system, such as surveillance cameras and electronic locks, can help deter unwanted intruders and avoid loss.

Detect Before It’s Too Late

Let’s face it, many aspects of your life are out of your control. Fortunately, with the appropriate smart home technology, you can help detect exposures before it’s too late.

With strategic placement of various types of detectors throughout your home, you can receive immediate notification of hazards such as fires or water leaks. Early warning signs and detection will not only decrease the overall risk your home faces, but also decrease the number insurance claims you submit. 

Protect Your Family By Bringing It All Together

One of the most beneficial aspects of smart home technology is the ability to access and control equipment from any location. There are a number of affordable and easy-to-implement systems that connect with smartphones, tablets and computers, and provide homeowners with remote access and control.

With remote access controls, you can control equipment throughout your home, such as turning on or off lights, or receive notifications if your security system has been triggered.

The Evolution of Homeowners Insurance

Some risks are unavoidable, but thanks to home technology innovations, you can decrease many of your exposures.

According to research from Berg Insight, an estimated 6% of the homes in North America are connected. And the trend to connect our lives through the “Internet of Things” is expected to increase—by 2019, this figure is projected to grow to 28%. Through the convenience of connectivity, homeowners will (in some cases) be able to avoid a loss from ever occurring. Just think about the savings and security you could derive from that ability!

But before you take advantage of these innovative technologies, first evaluate the overall risk your home faces on a day-to-day basis. Keep in mind that if you decide to implement smart home technology, professional setup is key to avoiding the creation of new and unnecessary exposures. With specialized risk management expertise, you and your home can receive the quality coverage you deserve.

Download our latest ebook to learn more about how the application of smart home technology can enhance the protection of your home and insurance investments. 

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