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Letter from the CEO: How INGUARD Is Creating More Value for You in 2017

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on Jan 27, 2017

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It’s shaping up to be an incredible 2017 for INGUARD clients. That’s because we’ve spent the past 36 months building an even better service organization and user experience for our clients. We’ve done this through a number of improvements and investments that make our clients and communities safer, richer and stronger.

These activities include business investments, philanthropic efforts and the clear defining of our company ethos. I’d like to give you a quick tour of these exciting developments—and show you exactly how they benefit you.

The Consumer Champion You Deserve

The insurance industry as a whole needs to become a champion of consumer interests once more—and INGUARD is leading the charge.

You get better, faster service from our firm thanks to strategic investments we’ve made in our business and customer support systems. We don’t have commissioned salespeople, offer completely transparent pricing and allow you to manage your INGUARD insurance at any time with our online client portal. Through this easy-to-use self-service tool, you can access policy information, request certificates of insurance, access ID cards and request changes to your policies.

You can also use our website to make payments at any time, even in bitcoin (we were the first insurance company to accept the cryptocurrency). And you’ll hear answers to all the important questions you have—straight from us through new and more frequent online touchpoints.

These enhancements create fast, seamless insurance purchasing and management that improve your peace of mind.

Caring for Our Community

Your community—our shared home—is our number one priority. We don’t just say that; we live it by directly creating cultural, artistic and economic opportunities for those in Northeast Indiana.

For instance, you’ll be able to take your kids to the 13-24 Drive In for free all summer in 2017 because we’ve recommitted to funding admission for children. So far, more than 24,000 kids have enjoyed no-cost movie screenings thanks to INGUARD’s sponsorship. In 2016, we had record-breaking attendance—more than 29,000 people saw a movie at the drive in.

We also made a few improvements that benefit our global community. We’ve built a zero-waste business this year to significantly reduce our carbon footprint, and we’re encouraging other businesses to do the same. (And if you ever need free charging for your gasless car, stop by our office: ours can be used by anyone for free 24 hours per day.)

Investing in the Future

In the summer of 2016, INGUARD turned one floor of our building into a space for Entrepreneurs EDG, a program that acts as a catalyst for our local economy. The program, in partnership with Manchester University and the Economic Development Group of Wabash County, connects local students and business owners to foster collaboration that drives economic growth and success throughout the region and beyond.

Through Entrepreneurs EDG, students have a platform for applying their academic work to real-world business scenarios and solving the challenges that limit a business’ growth potential. In turn, the program also provides local entrepreneurs with the support needed to develop, launch and grow a sustainable business model.

A Mission Worth Fighting For—in 2017 and Beyond

Your insurance company should have your back, whether we’re talking business or not. Not everyone realizes it, but the spirit of caring for your neighbor is actually how insurance came to be—people banding together to help one another in their moment of need.

Communicating how and why we approach business and partnerships the way we do was the impetus behind clearly defining our company ethos. We want to show you exactly how committed we are to you, our valued clients, employees and partners.

The new INGUARD ethos has five main pillars:

  • Environmentalism: We consciously practice habits and make investments that limit the carbon footprint we leave behind in our operations.
  • Education: We continuously seek ways to support educational causes within our region and the U.S. As a result, we support all individuals—from children to employees—as they work toward achieving their educational goals.
  • Employee Well-being: By helping our employees achieve financial independence and reach their educational goals, INGUARD is all-in when it comes to ensuring the happiness of those who engage with and delight our clients daily.
  • Ethics: Because INGUARD believes that community comes first, we conduct business in a way that is guided by principles. Our commitment to our values is evident in our emphasis on fairness and equality in our dealings with both clients and employees.
  • Equality: We acknowledge the inherent worth of all people. We do not discriminate in either our employment or business decisions, and seek out ways to make our company a more proactive force for equality every day.

This is our commitment to you in 2017 and beyond: we will protect your interests, family and community, during our commercial relationship and outside of it—no matter what.



Parker Beauchamp

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