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How You Can Win While Supporting the 13-24 Drive In

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on Aug 03, 2017


Wouldn’t it be great to win one of many prizes while keeping alive one of Wabash’s oldest and finest traditions? 

Now you can.

This summer, you can win awesome prizes that include an Apple Watch and iPad when you enter the 13-24 Drive In contest.

All you do is fill out this simple form and you’re entered to win one of these prizes. It’s that easy! When you enter, here are the prizes you could win:

Just fill out the form and we’ll be in touch if you win. And if you learn you’re a winner while catching the latest blockbuster at the 13-24 Drive In, all the better. (In fact, you can find out exactly what shows are coming up here.)

One winner will be selected each month. But entering the contest isn’t the only way to win.

If you refer five friends to the contest, we’ll give you a voucher for a free ice cream. 

All you have to do is send this link to your friends. When they enter the contest, make sure they enter your email address when asked who referred them. 

Once they do, we’ll email you your voucher.

It’s never been easier to win real prizes, all while supporting one of Wabash’s most iconic landmarks.

In fact, the reason INGUARD sponsors this contest—and free admission for over 21,000 children 12 and under—is because the 13-24 Drive In is an integral part of our community. 

Why Wabash Wins When You Support the Drive In

Generations of Indiana residents have made the memories of a lifetime at the 13-24 Drive In since 1951. But in 2011, these memories almost came to an end. The Drive In was a relic with dipping attendance and an appointment for demolition. 

At INGUARD, we knew the Drive In was irreplaceable, even if attendance numbers had dropped. That’s why our CEO, Parker Beauchamp, his family and the Honeywell Foundation saved the theater from shutting its doors for good.

What happened next defied expectations. 

The Drive In was renovated. Fun fair food was sold on the premises. And plenty of hot movies and promotions were launched to drive attendance.

Since 2014, attendance has more than doubled to over 29,000 attendees per year. Thanks to sponsorship from INGUARD, more than 21,000 children under 12 have received free admission since 2011. Most importantly, Wabash residents across generations have the ability to make memories with their children and grandchildren.

At INGUARD, we believe that’s magic more powerful than any you’ll see on the silver screen.

Don't delay, enter the contest today!

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