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Q&A: How Much Does Rental Property Insurance Cost?

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on Aug 04, 2017

There are 111,271,029 renters in the United States and 22,857,491 landlords. With numbers such as these, it’s apparent the rental property industry can serve as a good, quality investment. But, how solid is your investment without the proper protection in place? Additionally, how much does it cost to keep your investments profitable and rental operations running smoothly?

To answer these question and more, we interviewed INGUARD vice president Emerson Poort. Poort specializes in property/casualty risk management and insurance consulting for real estate, rental and leasing.

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How You Can Win While Supporting the 13-24 Drive In

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on Aug 03, 2017

Wouldn’t it be great to win one of many prizes while keeping alive one of Wabash’s oldest and finest traditions? 

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