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Price Optimization Raises Ethical Concerns in Insurance

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on Aug 28, 2015

Big data comes with big responsibility.

The opportunity to collect and analyze large sets of consumer data across industries has provided unparalleled insights on human patterns, trends, behavior and preferences.

Insurers have used this data for years to assess risk and provide optimal coverage for consumers, as well as improve business profitability. Common examples include basing premiums on previous claims filed, offering usage-based insurance (UBI) or using data to set premiums.

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How the 13-24 Drive In Hit Record Attendance in 2015

Posted by INGUARD Team on Aug 18, 2015

Drive-in theaters may be a nostalgic tradition—but with some innovative updates, the 13-24 Drive In has seen growth that would compete with the drive-in heyday of the 1950s. The theater reached record-breaking numbers this summer with nearly 18,000 guests in attendance, of which more than 6,500 were children.

When the movie theater was in jeopardy of closing its doors in 2011, our CEO, Parker Beauchamp joined forces with his wife Katie, parents and the Honeywell Foundation to keep movies reeling on the silver screen. 

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‘Car Hacking’ Just Got Real, But The True Threat is Illusive

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on Aug 10, 2015

In a recently published Washington Post article and corresponding video, security researcher Charlie Miller exploited the vulnerabilities of internet-connected car technology. 

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How to Align Employee Benefits with Business Growth

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on Aug 05, 2015

As a business owner, growing your business to meet demand is a no-brainer—ramp up production, increase inventory storage and open a new store. But what happens when you need to scale your workforce and benefits program?

Hiring an employee is a long-term commitment for your business—the smaller the business, the greater the impact—and a decision you should carefully consider before collecting resumes. Here are a few steps to guide you and your team toward success.

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