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How to Assess Your Insurance Policies at Annual Renewal

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on May 28, 2015

When is the last time you reviewed your insurance program? 

For most of us, insurance considerations come into play once a year. Maybe we shop for a different solution, explore discounted rates or increase existing coverage to protect new assets. But outside of the basic maintenance, your insurance policies can begin to collect dust and possibly leave you under or over insured.

As you finish spring cleaning and head into summer, consider a full-scale review of your insurance. You may be surprised at the opportunities available.

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Entrepreneurial Ventures: How to Approach Insurance for Your Startup

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on May 26, 2015

So you have a million-dollar idea and want to start a business. Now what?

The first steps for any entrepreneurial venture involve thorough market research, a sound business plan and the financial means (or investors) needed to bring the idea to fruition.

No matter what your operation requires, one important aspect is for certain—every business (especially an entrepreneurial venture) needs insurance.

Below are several aspects of the consultation process your insurance partner should discuss with you when mapping out the ideal insurance strategy for your business.

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5 Insurance Guidelines for Small Businesses

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on May 19, 2015

Risk awareness is important in every area of life, but this is especially true in dealing with your business and livelihood.

Insurance coverage for your business goes beyond protecting the obvious insurable assets. It is your job as a business owner to identify and evaluate potential exposures—from property damage and loss of income, to employee theft, crime and public liability.

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Why Stars Should Think Twice Before Agreeing to Celebrity Appearances

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on May 14, 2015

The red carpet is buzzing; cameras are snapping. The movie premiere was off to a great start, until a crazed fan ran onto the red carpet, knocking paparazzi and their cameras to the ground. Now an award-winning photographer has filed a lawsuit against the film studio, theater, venue, caterers, promoter and A-list cast, seeking damages for his shattered equipment, broken hand and lost work. 

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How Insurance Fraud is Costing Americans $80 Billion a Year

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on May 12, 2015

Fraud is not new to the insurance industry, but has gained more attention recently. According to the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud (CAIF), insurance fraud is now the second largest criminal activity in the U.S., costing Americans more than $80 billion each year.

Unfortunately, insurance fraud occurs every day, putting people of all races, age and gender at risk. So what does this mean for policyholders and the future of insurance costs?

Below are examples of the different fraudulent insurance schemes and claims, as well as steps being taken by the insurance industry to protect policyholders against fraudulent activity. 

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