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Risk Management for the Rich and Famous [Free Ebook]

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on Feb 25, 2015

Between business ventures, vacation homes, time zone hopping and a personal staff, one thing is for certain: The lives of the rich and famous are never boring. 

If you have high net worth or high-profile clients, pay attention: Your clients’ extraordinary lives put them a greater risk for insurance claims, lawsuits and other challenges. In order to help protect them, you need to uncover the hidden dangers.

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The Insurance Industry in 2015: Trends and Innovation

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on Feb 18, 2015

New technologies and innovations have permeated the insurance industry and upped-the-ante in quality and efficiency for products, claims and business practices. Though insurance has been historically viewed as a slow-moving industry, recent technology integrations and evolving customer needs have created a significant shift; and next year will only continue to change the game.

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Safeguarding Sentiment: Why You Should Insure Your Jewelry

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on Feb 16, 2015

They say, “Diamonds are forever.” But, if you want your diamond to last forever, it had better be insured.

Did you give or receive a special piece of jewelry this Valentine’s Day? If so, take time to read this post and insure your special trinket—one of the most important (and often overlooked) steps in the jewelry purchasing and giving process. 

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Insurance Implications Drawn from the Bruce Jenner Car Crash

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on Feb 12, 2015

UPDATED MAY 7,  2015

On Feb. 7, former Olympian and reality TV star Bruce Jenner was involved in a serious car accident that involved multiple cars and resulted in several injuries and one fatality.

Beyond the celebrity status of involved parties, coverage surrounding the incident focused on distracted driving and whether or not texting while driving played a role in the crash.

While the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is still in the process of conducting an investigation, and no charges have been brought against Jenner by county prosecutors at this time, a recent development has brought the case back into headlines.

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HR Best Practices for Domestic Personnel [Free Guide]

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on Feb 11, 2015

Operating a fully functional estate requires more than an estate or business manager at the helm. It often demands a network of domestic workers, landscapers and groundskeepers, drivers, childcare providers and more to keep a household running smoothly.

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Tim Duncan Lawsuit Offers Cautionary Tale in Wealth Management

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on Feb 05, 2015

Tim Duncan, a power forward/center for the San Antonio Spurs and an 18-season NBA veteran, has decided to sue his longtime financial advisor, Charlie Banks.

Duncan accuses Banks of pushing investments that resulted in significant financial loss. According to statement issued by Duncan: 

“Over the course of 17 years, I invested in a series of opportunities presented by Charles Banks, on his assurance that we were working together for my family’s long-term financial security. Banks exploited my good intentions and our relationship for his personal gain and my substantial loss. I’m saddened that my name will join the list of athletes to fall victim to this sort of misconduct.” 

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5 Tech Trends That Can Improve Your Insurance in 2015

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on Feb 04, 2015

As consumers, we strive to protect our homes, cars and businesses from unwanted exposures. Even the most cautious owners, however, can suffer a loss.

But what if some common losses, such as pipe bursts or fender benders, could be more easily avoided? What if you could lower the cost of your insurance knowing that the number of claims and liabilities you face are reduced?

Well, thanks to the help of new technologies and innovations, this could become a reality.

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