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Why Risk Management Belongs in the Your Client’s Portfolio

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on Jan 28, 2015

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The high net worth (HNW) and ultra high net worth (UHNW) population continues to grow, with a global UHNW population at a record high of 211,275, according to The Wealth-X and UBS World Ultra Wealth Report 2014

Greater wealth offers these individuals more investments opportunities and heightened discretionary income, resulting in a web of assets, staff and advisors. But the flip side of every asset is liability.

If your client’s portfolio includes multiple residences, luxury goods and services, priceless collectibles or personal staff, insurance simply doesn’t cut it.

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3 Tips to Prepare Your Business for Construction and Expansion

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on Jan 22, 2015

As many businesses mature and expand, they often outgrow their original office space. To accommodate for the necessary changes, business owners can either seek an entirely new location, or they might opt to renovate their current space with an expansion project.

Considering that many office renovations can take months before completion, how can companies ensure the day-to-day office operations stay intact while maintaining a safe work environment?

If you are planning moderate construction to your workspace, the good news is you can continue your typical workday procedures. The trick, however, is ensuring that the workspace remains a safe and secure environment for your employees.

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Why You Need Professional Liability and Malpractice Insurance

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on Jan 14, 2015

Risk: It is present in all aspects of life.

It is not the absence of risk, but the proper management of risk in personal and professional situations that distinguishes the successful.

Doctors, lawyers, accountants and others in professional service industries face a great deal of risk each day. Because individuals rely on their advice and professional services for a particular need, these professionals can be held legally liable if a client is harmed from the consultation or service provided by the professional (or even one that was failed to be provided by the professional).

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How to Prepare for A Home Inspection

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on Jan 07, 2015

home-saleWhen you put your home on the market, preparation goes beyond steaming the carpets, applying a fresh coat of paint and caulking holes in the walls. Future buyers will find problems with your home that you never knew existed, and will use these issues as leverage to knock down your asking price or request updates prior to purchase.

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