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4 Questions to Ask Before Signing a Celebrity Endorsement

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on Dec 30, 2014

The celebrity endorsement dates back to 18th century, when Josiah Wedgwood promoted the queen’s use of his pottery to sell his wares. And it is built on a simple principle:

Through borrowed equity, or borrowed reach, a brand seeks to leverage the popularity and public appeal of celebrity figures to advance its own marketing.

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How to Prepare Your Utility Company for a Delay or Outage in Services

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on Dec 23, 2014

Access to clean water, reliable gas and consistent electricity is essential to safe and comfortable living. When a utility company fails to deliver on its services, entire communities feel the impact.

For example, if lightning strikes a power grid during a storm, it can leave businesses, homes and streets in the dark. And if the electric company is unable to restore the power in a timely fashion, the affected area may loose the ability to refrigerate perishables, activate security systems, access clean drinking water, run functional traffic lights and so on.

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How to Protect Your Hospitality Business from Bed Bugs

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on Dec 17, 2014

The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes one of the biggest travel times of the year. Hospitality establishments have a lot to manage when it comes to accommodating their guests; and with the frequent turnover of beds and new travelers, unwanted pests can slip by unnoticed.  

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How to Prepare Your Business for Seasonal Employees

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on Dec 10, 2014

Christmas tree farms gear up for only a short, swinging season at the end of each calendar year, and for that sweet time business booms. Like tree farmers, many agricultural businesses undergo a similar flux, including orchards that supply shrubbery and flowers to nurseries in warmer weather, as well as fruit and vegetable crops harvested outside of regularly temperate climates.

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Top 5 Safety Tips For Defensive Driving In Difficult Weather Conditions

Posted by Parker Beauchamp on Dec 03, 2014

Buckle your seatbelt. Check.
Adjust your mirrors. Check.
Inspect fuel and oil gauges. Check.
Avoid the car coming towards you. Che…

Car accidents are the leading cause of death among ages 2-39, according to the National Safety Council. This statistic is shocking, especially when you consider that many traffic accidents can be avoided with the proper precautions and training.

The prevalence of traffic accidents is more apparent during extreme weather conditions, but it is unrealistic to avoid hitting the road anytime there is fog, rain, sleet or snow. So when you get behind the wheel during unfavorable weather, what can you do?

Practice being a defensive driver.

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