Proud of our strong history.



Beauchamp McSpadden|Morrison Galliher was renamed INGUARD to create cohesiveness and clarity for clients, as well as enable the company to become more progressive and accessible than ever before. Over the course of 140+ years, Beauchamp McSpadden|Morrison Galliher developed thousands of direct client relationships in all 50 states and abroad, providing specialty coverage through 1,000 insurance agencies. 


Continued Growth

During this period, Beauchamp McSpadden acquired insurance firms from several owners, including Tom Wertenberger, Ralph M. Spencer (North Manchester), Ray L. “Pete” Strayer (Warsaw), Warsaw Insurance Agency, Ed Chell (Wabash), Joseph Koors (Warsaw), Morrison Galliher (Muncie), and Hartford City Insurance. Additional members joined the business including Joseph W. McSpadden, Michael J. Beauchamp, Larry D. McSpadden, Evan Beauchamp, Andrew Beauchamp and Harold “Skip” Daughtry. A number of important sales personnel were added to the production team and the staff grew over six-fold, while sales grew fifty-fold. Parker Beauchamp became the fourth generation from his family to lead the company in 2013.


Beauchamp and Son Insurance and W.D. Lynn Insurance Merge

In order to better serve the growing insurance requirements of their clients, Bob Beauchamp and Tom McSpadden decided to merge their agencies by a simple handshake at the Rock City Cafe. Beauchamp and Son Insurance merged with W.D. Lynn Insurance to become known as Beauchamp and McSpadden, Insurance and Financial Management, Inc.


The owners built a new office located at 231 W Canal Street—where the company still resides today. Through acquisitions and producer development, Beauchamp and McSpadden expanded product lines, markets and service capabilities across the Midwest. Fred Squires, Jr. joined the business at the time of the merger. (Image source: Wabash Carnegie Public Library)



Beauchamp and Son Insurance

Robert W. Beauchamp joined the firm, and Beauchamp and Son Insurance relocated to a refurbished office at 162 W Market Street. Robert represented the first of the third-generation principals to join the business. Richard Neher had become an important addition to the firm in 1957.


Tom McSpadden Joins the Business

Upon coming to Wabash after service in WWII and marrying Virginia Lynn, Tom McSpadden joined his father-in-law at W.D. Lynn Insurance at 231 S Wabash Street. Tom was an avid student of insurance and one of the best educated insurance men in Indiana.


Ward Beauchamp and Son

Bob Beauchamp joined his father, Ward, and the company became known as Ward Beauchamp and Son Insurance, located at 129 S Wabash Street. Bob loved the insurance business, and his insurance companies came to know him as one of their best insurance producers. (Image source: Wabash Carnegie Public Library)


Ward Beauchamp Insurance Agency and W.D. Lynn Insurance Agency

In 1927, Ward Beauchamp used his personal savings of $5,000 to purchase the business from Citizen Savings Bank and J.P. Ross. He changed the firm name to Ward Beauchamp Insurance Agency, and he continued operation in the bank, building on the northwest corner of Wabash and Market Streets where the D Shop is now located.


That same year, W.D. Bill Lynn purchased a small existing firm that operated on Canal Street in Wabash. He named his business W.D. Lynn Insurance Agency. Ward Beauchamp and Bill Lynn, as competitors, endured countless hardships as the Great Depression began to unfold. Luckily, their hard work, fair dealing and determined perseverance enabled their small companies to survive the early years. Though they each lived to ripe old age, neither would see the day when their businesses would one day merge to become one of Indiana’s leading insurance firms. (Image source: Wabash Carnegie Public Library)


Citizens Savings Bank

J.P. Ross had close business connections with the Citizen’s Savings Bank and parts of his business were assumed by the bank during the 1920’s. Richard LaSelle was the bank president and firm manager. (Image source: Wabash Carnegie Public Library)


J.P. Ross Real Estate and Insurance

In 1888, James P. Ross, no known relation to Edward S. Ross, started business as J.P. Ross Real Estate and Insurance, in the Ross Block that was situated on the northeast corner of Wabash and Market Streets, where the Wabash County Museum parking lot is today. J. P. Ross assumed the business of Ross and Mote. J.P. was a veteran of the Civil War and an enthusiastic supporter of the Grand Army of the Republic. (Image source: Wabash Carnegie Public Library)


Ross and Mote, Fire and Life Insurance and Real Estate

In 1873, Thomas Mote joined the business and the name was changed to Ross & Mote, Fire & Life Insurance and Real Estate. (Image source: Wabash Carnegie Public Library)


Ross and Peters, Real Estate & Insurance Agents

Our firm history traces its roots back to 1870. On April 14, 55 buildings burned to the ground and as many as 30 others were substantially damaged in a catastrophe that became known as the Great Fire of 1870.  Following the maelstrom, Edward S. Ross saw an opportunity and started an insurance business with the financial aid of his brother-in-law, Dr. E. P. Peters, under the name of Ross and Peters, Real Estate and Insurance Agents.  They conducted business in the First National Bank building where the Wabash City Hall is now located, at the southwest corner of Wabash and Market Streets.