INGUARD is an insurance and risk management firm, serving clients throughout the U.S. and abroad. Licensed in all 50 U.S. states, we provide unparalleled consulting services, insurance products and risk management strategies to individuals, families and businesses, specializing in niche markets and portfolios with complex needs. 

Through customized programs and consultation, we protect assets, grow wealth and minimize exposures for our clients.

A new name is the first step in shedding the traditional insurance agency structure to better align with your needs. With INGUARD, you invest in expertise and trust, rather than insurance products and premiums.

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Our Services 

While the origins of our company date back to the late 1800s, we are focused on our future and the need to redefine the way our industry views insurance, and the way our services meet consumers' needs.

Starting now, we are dedicated to complete transparency in services, products and pricing. 

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Our Approach

Our expertise lies in our approach. We conduct a holistic assessment of each client’s portfolio to:

  • Identify (and analyze) insurance coverage needs and potential exposures by assets, location, context of circumstance and historical data.
  • Evaluate insurance and risk management solutions that will effectively, and efficiently, cover identified risks.

After we design and present a recommended program to our client, our team works tirelessly to:

  • Implement selected solutions and offset liability where possible—through customized insurance packages and risk management strategies.
  • Maintain ongoing assessment of insurance needs and risk exposures, continuously evolving selected solutions to create a truly agile program that incorporates adjustments as new circumstances arise.

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Our History

INGUARD, formerly called Beauchamp McSpadden | Morrison Galliher, was founded on nearly a century and a half of experience. For those interested in learning more about the roots of our organization, visit the INGUARD history page.